Postcard from The Edge

Five years ago I did something very impulsive: I committed myself to a writing project that would eat up a large amount of my time over the next few years with very little guarantee of financial compensation. While one might…

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Colin Wilson and The Occult

Back in the pre-Internet days, when the University of Georgia Library served as my Google, I stumbled across a doorstop of a book by Colin Wilson titled The Occult, its cover emblazoned with the words, "The ultimate book for those…

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The Songs of Dan Lurie

I'd like to share some thoughts this week on one of my favorite songwriters: my brother Dan Lurie. He's one of those freak tunesmiths who came out of the gate seemingly in full command of his craft--possibly because he…Read more

Notes on Fatherhood pt. 1

I'm just about eleven weeks into this fatherhood gig, so I'm not exactly a seasoned dad. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share the following random observations:

1. It's true what everyone says about the disorientating aspects of this experience. Sleep has…

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Doctor Who Memories

The British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who turns 50 years old on Saturday. In a medium not typically noted (at least until lately) for producing work of lasting interest, this is a momentous achievement--all the more so because the show…

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