July 7, 2020
Book Profile: Begin the Begin

October 23, 2019 
Phoenix New Times 
Can’t Get There From Here: Arizona Author Robert Dean Lurie Explores R.E.M.’s Early Days 

October 09, 2019 
Conversation with Eric Davidson @ Rock & Roll Globe 
Why You Trying To Second Guess It?: R.E.M.'s Reckoning at 35

September 02, 2019 
Limited Engagement: Talking R.E.M. and everything else

August 23, 2019 
Night Flight 
Birdie in the hand: Robert Dean Lurie's "Begin the Begin" cover's R.E.M.'s early years in Athens, GA

August 07, 2019 
Rockin' the Suburbs: "Begin the Begin" Reading and Q&A at The Mansion on O Street

August 08, 2019 
Rockin' the Suburbs: "Begin the Begin" Reading and Q&A pt. 2

August 09, 2019 
Rockin' the Suburbs: "Begin the Begin" Reading and Q&A pt. 3

July 17, 2019 
Fantastic Beats Podcast 
R.E.M. / The Go! Team / Jlin (with Robert Dean Lurie)

June 10, 2019 
"Begin the Begin" interview/feature on Barstool Rockers (iHeart Radio)

 June 06, 2019 
"Begin the Begin" conversation with Arroe Collins (iHeart Radio)

 June 03, 2019 
The Bookmonger: Talking R.E.M. with John J. Miller

May 17, 2019 
Athens Banner-Herald 
Release Party for R.E.M. Book Doubles as Fundraiser for Veterans

May 16, 2019 
WUGA Athens 
Author Robert Dean Lurie Returns for Begin the Begin

April 30, 2019 
Tucson Sentinel (interviewee) 
Aussie Band the Church Strikes a Sacred Chord in the Heart of Tucson Musicians 

March 12, 2018 
Conversation with Dan Flynn of The American Spectator 
Happy Birthday Jack Kerouac

October 30, 2017 
Political Beats: Hall and Oates discussion with Scot Bertram and Jeff Blehar

May 15, 2016 
Life On This Planet: "We Can Be Heroes" Interview

September 12, 2014 
Life On This Planet: Ranking The Church

April 15, 2010 
Conversation with Slicing Up Eyeballs 
No Certainty Attached Q&A