Begin the Begin: Artwork Outtakes

I had this harebrained idea that I would illustrate my own book. This despite the fact that I haven't taken art seriously since high school. As it turns out, it's not like getting back on a bicycle; I bailed after doing three pieces. 

Still--I feel like these illustrations have a certain...I don't know...they're like a flailing boxer who is all heart. They're like Rocky at the beginning of the first movie when he's kind of a lovable trainwreck. If these are not book-worthy, they can at least live on in this blog.

And speaking of boxers, my Michael Stipe ended up with a cauliflower ear and a swollen right hand, but other than that I'm pretty happy with him!



My Bill can't decide if he'd rather be Robert Mitchum. But he smolders, yes?



And finally we have William Orten Carlton (AKA "Ort"), legendary confidante of the B-52s and R.E.M. (and Government Cheese, Bowling Green, KY's finest musical export). To write of Athens music without mentioning Ort would be like leaving Lenin out of the story of the Russian Revolution. (I recognize that my analogy is imprecise; Ort did not return from exile on a sealed train to foment the Athens music revolution--at least I don't think he did. But why sacrifice a good line for the sake of accuracy?) Anyway, here is Ort circa 1986.

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